"In total, we can recycle 460 MWh per year for these houses, making the energy almost completely circular."

The block is being built with sustainable solutions throughout, combining solar PV, geothermal heating and energy recovery from waste water. From the 364 apartments, which include rental apartments, senior housing and care homes, over 90% of the heat energy from waste water will be recovered and recycled. The recovered energy is also used to recharge geothermal boreholes with energy, which is then distributed to the six blocks of flats according to need and season.

- We are incredibly pleased to have been trusted to install our Evertherm solution here. In total, we can recover 460 MWh per year for these houses and make the energy almost completely circular, which creates increased value for the property owners and will contribute to great climate benefits! It is very gratifying that we see an increasing demand for our products and we will be able to deliver even more green energy to property owners in the future, says Peter Bodin, Sales Manager for Circular Energy at Ecoclime.

Umeå bostaden is building new rental apartments, senior housing and care housing in Västteg. The buildings are being built with 4 to 6 floors, with bright and welcoming apartments. At least 20% of the rental apartments will be for young people aged 18-25. The area is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

Illustrations: Arkinova and Tyréns


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