298 dwellings, providing large amounts of waste water, we use two system solutions to take care of all the energy and get a potential to recover 521 MWh.
Autumn 2022

The project will be designed as wooden apartment buildings, with a mix of block structure and detached houses. The houses will be built according to Miljöbyggnad Silver, which places requirements on the indoor environment in the houses with good ventilation, heating, plenty of daylight and more. The buildings are audited by the Sweden Green Building Council, which also carries out the environmental certifications, to achieve Miljöbyggnad Silver. The houses are built with a wooden frame in the factory and come to the construction site for assembly into finished houses. This shortens construction time, makes for a more resource-efficient building process, and thus more sustainable. Due to large amounts of waste water from 298 homes, we use two system solutions to take care of all the energy.

Illustration: Heimstaden


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