By installing Evertherm SEW, 95% of the energy from the waste water is recovered, which is equivalent to 273.6MWh of energy per year.
Construction start 2022

In Uppsala, 162 apartments will be built for young people aged 18-25. The houses will be built in a climate-neutral way and with low rents. The houses are built entirely in wood and are a collaboration between SBB, Linbäcks Bygg, Uppsala University and Tengbom architects. The concept will enable young people to get their own apartment and enter the housing market.

The whole block will have a common courtyard with plenty of greenery, trees and shrubs to encourage biodiversity. Two of the three buildings will have indoor parking for bicycles.

The project also goes hand in hand with Uppsala's commitment to be completely climate neutral by 2030.

Illustration: Lindbäcks Bygg


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