Karteschen 4

The remodeling project in Stockholm is expected to provide up to 95% recovery of energy from wastewater.
autumn 2021
Possibility to save up to 140 MWh/year

Stockholm apartment building is remodeled with heat recycling

The property Karteschen 4 was built in 1938 in Stockholm and rebuilt in 1993. Now the house will be streamlined with heat recovery from the property's waste water to achieve a better energy performance. In connection with the installation, the district heating centre is also upgraded.

Remodeling project with up to 95% waste heat recovery

The goal of energy efficiency for Solporten is to reduce energy and operating costs and reduce its carbon footprint. With Evertherm's energy recovery system solution, up to 95% of the heat energy available in the waste water can be returned to the house heating system. In this way, the energy supplied for heat and domestic hot water circulates up to 20 times.

"The superior recycling rate Evertherm delivers has no equivalent on the market. Of course we wanted to test this in one of our properties."
Kristoffer Wilhelmsson, CEO of Solporten


Heat recovery from the waste water from the 68 apartments has the potential to provide an energy saving of up to 140 MWh/year, which corresponds to a reduction of just over 25% of the property's total energy consumption for heating.

The system became operational in autumn 2021

Another Ecoclimate subsidiary, H-Gruppen, is acting as the general contractor for the entire energy renovation project. The installation of the energy recovery system was completed by late autumn 2021.

Karteschen 4

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