With a new recycling facility with indoor tanks, the heat energy circulates from the kitchen and bathroom waste water.
September 2021
More than 90% energy recovery from waste water

New accommodation in Uppsala is designed for a minimal need for added energy

SKB's docenten property will be their first new construction in Uppsala. The project follows an innovative environmental profile with investments in low energy use, good indoor climate and sustainable materials. The goal for energy use is to be below 55 kWh per m² per year.

Several eco-innovations in SKB's new property

The block has eco-friendly laundry rooms and has a large bicycle garage with its own flushing area for the tenants. The property also generates its own electricity from solar cells on the roof and is also equipped with the Evertherm SEW heat recovery system for circular energy from the waste water.


A climate-smart neighborhood with heat recovery from the waste water

From the 122 apartments, the Evertherm system can recycle up to 95% of the energy from the waste water and then return it to the property's heating system. This helps to achieve the energy goals and reduce the carbon footprint as the heat energy in the waste water accounts for as much as 30-50% of modern properties' total energy consumption.


Energy recovery with indoor facility

The entire recycling system is located indoors, with an area of around 25 m², where all parts are easily accessible in the basement.

Illustration property: Studio Superb.


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