In collaboration with tm-konsult and Besqab, we have developed a solution that is expected to recycle 91% of the waste heat.

In a former parking lot and lawn, 150 homes in the form of townhouses, apartments and a preschool will be built. Kapellgärdet in Uppsala is close to public transport and is built with green spaces and green courtyards to thrive in. Several developers are involved in the area and several different forms of tenure will be built - rental apartments, condominiums, townhouses, preschools and other business premises.

In the area, the goal is for all the houses to be Swan-certified where Besqab also wants to meet the requirements for Sunda Hus. They also have very high ambitions regarding energy consumption where the goal was to be about 50% lower than the BBR requirement. To achieve this goal, TM Konsult has helped develop a combined solution with Evertherm SEW and Solar Cells.
High-performance recycling is estimated to reach a recycling rate of 91% and have the potential to deliver 208MWh/year.

Illustration: Besqab/Studio Superb


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