New energy study: Sweden can save 3.7 TWh per year

Evertherm SEW could potentially reduce energy consumption in the Swedish apartment building stock by at least 3.7 TWh/year, corresponding to 21% of the annual heating demand for the current apartment stock. This is shown by an analysis carried out by nordic energy audit.

Lower energy costs

In addition to a large energy saving, the annual energy cost of housing also decreases by approximately SEK 3 billion at the national level. Per Atemp, the energy cost is reduced by between SEK 14.5 and SEK 23.7 per year depending on geographical location.

Superior savings potential

Compared to other conventional technologies, Evertherm SEW is superior in terms of energy saving potential. Traditional pipe heat exchangers, where it is assumed that 10 % of the energy going to domestic hot water can be covered, provide only an energy saving of 0,4 TWh/year nationally.

Great climate benefit

The energy savings also result in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to 275,844 tons of CO₂ equator/year at national level. Per Atemp, emissions are reduced by 1.3-2.2 kg CO₂ equator/year depending on geographical location.

Better net operating income

The implementation of Evertherm SEW can bring great added value. It is estimated that the implementation could result in an increase in the property value of SEK 60 billion for the current apartment building stock. This corresponds to an average increase in property value of approx. SEK 35,000 per dwelling due to the reduced energy costs, which correspond to approx. SEK 1730 per dwelling per year.

Read the summary of nordic energy audit's potential study report here.