Folkets Hus is modernized to meet climate goals

In Vilhelmina, two EU projects have been underway between 2017 and 2020 where energy efficiency has been proven to work even older properties. With a complete energy recovery system, Folkets Hus has reduced its carbon footprint by the equivalent of just over 7 tons of CO₂ equivalents in emissions.

Complex building modernised

Vilhelmina Folkets Hus houses bathhouses, libraries, bowling alleys and offices for 40 employees. This type of complex property has a lot of excess energy that easily leaks out. Through two major energy projects, the building has now been modernized to reduce its need for externally supplied energy.

Real estate a priority goal in climate work

Real estate accounts for 40% of all energy use in Sweden and the equivalent of just over a fifth of Sweden's greenhouse gas emissions. With this in mind, the EU projects were started in Vilhelmina to show the possibility of streamlining energy use and circular energy flows in order to meet climate goals.

Evertherm regains energy

With Evertherm's technology, the building now takes care of and returns the excess energy to the property's heating system. This is 25-30% of a normal property's energy consumption, which is otherwise flushed out into the sewer.

Heat recovery from the bathhouse's waste water

Among other things, Evertherm SEW for the recycling of energy from wastewater has been installed. Through the common outgoing drain trunk, the system takes advantage of all the waste water, where the largest amount comes from the pools in the swimming pool, then the showers, the restaurant and the toilets. An average of 226 kWh of heat energy is recycled per day from the bathhouse alone.

Energy efficiency shows great environmental benefits

The proportion of externally supplied energy for heating has decreased by about 70% partly because energy from wastewater now recirculates up to 20 times. On an annual basis, recycling corresponds to a reduced environmental footprint corresponding to just over 7 tons of CO₂ equivalents in emissions.

The technology of Vilhelmina Folkets Hus

This film is designed to show what is done in Vilhelmina Folkets Hus and spread information about energy efficiency technology that is available today.