Because all energy production is climate-impacting

Evertherm is a subsidiary of Ecoclime Group, a group of companies that delivers climate technology for the real estate industry. The companies in the group develop and develop innovations and run projects where the goal is to create lower energy consumption and climate footprint in real estate and industrial processes as well as a healthier indoor climate. Ecoclime Group is a public company listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. The company's long-term goal is to expand its operations in northern Europe. In total, approximately 80 employees in the Group work with product development, production, project management, installation, service, market and management.

"All production of energy is climate-impacting in one way or another. From this perspective, recycling of the energy supplied to a system, instead of releasing it into the sewer, must be seen as an essential part of energy distribution."

- Lennart Olofsson, senior advisor, former CEO

The seed of Evertherm was sown when the founders of Ecoclime invested in a patent for a heat exchange technology in 2013. After a phase of intensive product development, a new circular energy system concept and a vision to make real estate's total energy supply 100% renewable were introduced in 2017.

Evertherm has been operating in its own company since January 2020, as a result of Ecoclime Group's strategy to unbundle its various activities in circular energy, indoor climate, ventilation and building automation. Sales of Evertherm's products are handled by Ecoclime's joint sales force, which sells system solutions to all subsidiaries within the group.

Improve net operating income with proven effective method

Evertherm's system solution for recycling energy in real estate has a direct impact on property value and net operating income, while enabling green financing and land allocation.

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