Improve net operating income with proven effective method

Recycling energy in real estate has a positive impact on both the real estate economy and compliance with energy and climate requirements. Evertherm's solution is based on patented technology with validated results in a range of installations. Below are some of the benefits of Evertherm.

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A profitable, value-creating energy measure for your property

opens up new opportunities

Better net operating income

Evertherm's heat recovery, storage and distribution system reduces the need for energy supplied, which increases the property's net operating income. This is made possible by recycling more than 90 % of the energy for heating domestic hot water, which corresponds to more than 20 % of all energy in an older residential property and more than 35 % of the energy of a newly produced property. The property value is calculated as net operating income through dividend yield requirements. Therefore, the increased net operating income leads to an increase in property value – an increase in value that normally corresponds to more than 100 % of the investment cost.

Test whether an investment in Evertherm's energy recovery system can be counted home in your property:

Better net operating income and cash flow

Net operating income in a property is rental income minus all costs (electricity, water, heating, operation, maintenance, administration, taxes, etc.). By recycling more than 90 % of the energy in the waste water and recirculating it, the need for energy supplied for heating is reduced accordingly. The decrease in input energy improves net operating income while improving cash flow.

Possibility of green finance

Better energy performance enables green funding from a wide range of financial institutions. One expression of this is that the European Investment Bank will contribute to the release of €1 trillion for sustainable investments for the environment and climate between 2020-2030. More and more property owners are using "green" financing as an opportunity to meet their capital needs. In addition to being economically beneficial, it sends a signal that property owners have a focus on sustainability work in the business, something that has become increasingly important for many tenants

Lower energy key ratios allow investment support

Investment support for new construction of rental housing and housing for students was reintroduced with new rules from 1 February 2020. The aid amounts to between SEK 2,400 and SEK 7,100/m² depending on the geographical location and apartment size. The requirement to receive the aid is that the energy consumption in the newly produced house is limited to 88 % of the energy requirements in BBR and that the standard rent is 1,350 – 1,550 SEK/m² depending on the geographical location. For energy use of up to 56 % of the BBR rules, the aid may be increased by an additional 75 % of the basic amount, which may then result in an additional SEK 1800 – 5325/m² in grants.

Enables land allocation

Many municipalities have significantly stricter requirements for energy use and performance than the Swedish National Board of Housing and Urban Development's building regulations (BBR), which can be particularly important in land allocation. Stockholm Municipality, for example, has a maximum of 55 kWh/m² and years in heating as a requirement, compared to BBR's requirements (75 kWh/m²) in Stockholm. Evertherm is therefore an important enabler to meet the strictest energy requirements at the lowest opportunity cost.

Guaranteed energy savings reduce risk

When designing an Evertherm system for a specific property with given water flows, it is simulated how much energy can be returned to the energy system, to be used for heating domestic hot water and heat in the property. As a result of such a simulation and follow-up of the results during real-time operation, Evertherm can provide far-reaching functional guarantees for promised energy savings, given that the conditions for the design are met. This minimises the risk of sanctions on the energy declaration as well as on obtained green financing.

Web app visualizes savings and climate benefits

With the help of a special web application provided by Evertherm, the property owner can easily access and follow the energy savings and climate benefits in real time. The app can also
offered to the tenants. The app can monitor compliance with the system's functional guarantees, which can also stimulate changes in the
energy-saving behaviour of residents.

Patented and reliable system solution

provides unrivalled recycling

Evertherm's system solutions for recycling heat energy in wastewater are based on a Swedish invention and the production of Evertherm's own input products takes place in Sweden. The technology is well proven through installations in about ten properties and industrial processes, where each installation is closely monitored to ensure quality. There is no solution on the market that competes with Evertherm in terms of recycling rates.

High reliability with minimal maintenance

The plant is self-cleaning and therefore requires minimal maintenance. The technology has been used in wastewater treatment plants since 2014 without service interruptions and service needs. The highest quality components provide reliable reliability and long service life. The sewage function of the property works even if the system solution would stop in the event of a power failure, by the pump pit being placed on the sewage trunk with board drain and self-fall.

Simple and scalable solution

The heat exchanger technology and control of the process are unique, the other parts are made of long-proven standard components. When designing an Evertherm SEW installation, the facility is adapted based on the size of the property and water flows. In real estate, the system is used appropriately where there are more than 30 residents or where the water flows are high, for example where premises are used for restaurants, spas or hair salons. 

Control and monitoring module

The facility includes a control and monitoring module that ensures functionality, optimizes energy recovery and alarms in case of operational deviations. It is this unit that also enables real-time monitoring and visualization of energy and cost savings, climate benefits and deliveries of historical operational data e.g. for government accounting as part of the property's energy performance, which can also be integrated with the property's entire energy system.

Unique heat exchanger with outstanding properties

Evertherm's system solution for the recovery of heat energy from wastewater is based on a patented ETX heat exchanger in polymeric material that repels contaminants such as faeces, grease and chemicals normally found in the wastewater. The unique heat exchanger combined with the optimally assembled recycling system, which also includes a fully automated control system that manages the process in real time, enables an unparalleled recovery of thermal energy from wastewater. 

The best action for the environment

a solution with unparalleled climate benefits

Minimizes greenhouse gas emissions

The demands on companies and organizations to minimize their carbon footprint are increasing. This applies from authorities as well as owners and customers. Today, all major companies must make sustainability reports including the consequences of the business in relation to the environment and the policies applied to reduce the environmental impact. Companies that have strict internal requirements to reduce their environmental impact place demands on their suppliers to do the same, which is becoming increasingly common in the procurement of premises and accommodation. By recycling heat energy in wastewater, it is possible to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thus improve the sustainability performance ratios. 

Measures to improve the thermal efficiency of buildings require upfront investment but lead to significant savings down the line – up to 22 % when applied with smart technologies – due to avoided investments in energy infrastructure and generation assets. This is mainly thanks to the mitigating effect that efficiency measures have on peak demand for heating in buildings.
Quotes from report from
European Climate Foundation

Smart technology hijacks peak power usage

Reduced peak effects in energy systems as a result of energy recovery not only benefit individual property owners, businesses and residents financially. At the same time, it benefits the entire infrastructure of society in terms of energy supply, especially since these peak effects in energy systems usually occur at the same time everywhere. It is also being pursued throughout the EU, which has set a target of all energy systems being fossil-free within the Union by 2050. Energy efficiency in real estate will therefore be a particular focus, where heat recovery from wastewater alone could contribute to more than 25% of the energy efficiency measures by 2050.

More environmental benefits of Evertherm

High COP and SCOP provide high recycling power

A heat pump, figuratively speaking, extracts thermal energy from a medium such as air or water via heat exchangers using electrical energy. The less electrical energy required to recover the energy from the medium, the better the efficiency and thus the lower the peak power required by the energy system. Efficiency is referred to as COP (Coefficient of Performance) i.e. how much energy is recovered per amount of energy input. SCOP stands for "Seasonal Coefficient of Performance", which means the annual average value of COP. The Evertherm system has a normal heat factor of 4.5 SCOP, which means that for each unit of energy, the heat pump can recover 3.5 units of heat from the waste water to a heating system. The high SCOP figure compared to e.g. geothermal heating is due to the high average temperature of the waste water, which directly reduces the peak power requirements for the operation of the heat pumps and for the heating of the property, as less energy is required to be supplied to the property as a result of the recovered energy.

Lower primary energy figures meet energy requirements

The Swedish National Board of Housing and Urban Development's building regulations (BBR) require a building's energy performance in terms of primary energy figures. The primary energy figure consists of the building's use of supplied energy, adjusted according to geographical location and primary energy factor for energy carriers, this is distributed on heated surface of the property. Since Evertherm's system solutions have a high heat factor, some of the building's energy needs can be met with a relatively low amount of energy supplied. This makes it easier for property owners in new production and remodeling projects to meet increasingly stringent energy requirements in BBR.

Built for integration with other energy sources

Evertherm's automated system solutions are designed control technology to enable integration with all types of external
energy sources, such as solar cells, solar collectors, geothermal heat pumps, gas and district heating. The system includes advanced control systems that optimize energy consumption, for the lowest possible climate impact as a result of reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Web app visualizes real-time energy savings for tenants

More and more tenants and operators want to make climate-smart environmental choices. Every recycled kilowatt hour in a property means less greenhouse gas emissions and cost savings. Evertherm's web app makes it easy to follow, among other things, the reduced carbon footprint in real time, which in turn also enables the individual's climate-smart decisions.

Alternatives to IMD

The EU's requirements for individual measurement and charging (IMD) normally entail high installation costs for property owners and tenant-owned associations. A better option is to install an energy system that recycles 90% of the energy in the waste water instead. At the same time, you increase the value of the property and are guaranteed to contribute to the energy and climate benefits.

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