We help you all the way to a profitable energy recovery

We are convinced that the circulation of energy supplied to real estate and industrial processes will be an integral part of the energy supply of the future. Do you want to know more about how you can achieve energy requirements and sustainability goals while increasing net operating income and thus the value of your property?

We are located in Umeå, Vilhelmina, Arvika and Stockholm, Sweden.
Evertherm Reenergy Systems AB
Norra Obbolavägen 139, UMEÅ, SWEDEN

Our organization

Sales of Evertherm's products are handled by our parent company Ecoclime's joint sales force, which sells system solutions to all subsidiaries within the group.

Torbjörn Jonasson
Product manager
+46 73-073 56 16
Martin Johem
Project manager
+46 70-593 99 70
Anders Mikaelsson
Site manager production
+46 70-604 31 49
Christian Jalakas
Technical Sales Representative
+46 73-060 74 10
Anders Forssén
Technical Sales Representative
+46 73-060 89 12
Stefan Silfvercrantz
Senior Sales Representative, Complex Energy Systems
070-727 16 62
Lennart Kristiansson
Technical Sales Representative
+46 73-507 06 49
Improve net operating income with proven effective method

Evertherm's system solution for recycling energy in real estate has a direct impact on property value and net operating income, while enabling green financing and land allocation.

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