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A circular system

Utilisation of unused heat energy in waste water
Circulates supplied energy more than 10 times
Simple and scalable solution
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Energy efficient in Sweden solutions since 2014

to customers such as
Improve net operating income with proven effective method

Evertherm's system solution for recycling energy in real estate has a direct impact on property value and net operating income, while enabling green financing and land allocation.

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Insights from Evertherm

How support for energy efficiency works in apartment buildings

Now (from 1 Oct 2021) property owners and housing associations can apply for new state support for energy efficiency in apartment buildings. Who does that apply to? And what does that mean? How can I get help with this?

How support for energy efficiency works in apartment buildings

Five benefits of heat recovery from wastewater

In an ordinary apartment building, quantities of energy leak unnecessarily, unless there is a system in place to take advantage of and reuse the waste heat.

Five benefits of heat recovery from wastewater

Legacy insights

Maintenance-free drain heat exchanger – how does it work?

Sewage heat exchangers recycle the heat in the waste water that is otherwise flushed away, thus minimizing energy waste in properties.

How to meet the energy requirements that enable soil instruction

How will construction and real estate companies think to meet the strictest energy requirements and secure land allocation at the lowest opportunity cost?

Increase property value and improve net operating income with energy recovery

Recycling the thermal energy from the property's waste water provides an improved net operating income, increased property value and maximum climate benefit.